What our audiences say

Genny and Vicky played at our wedding in Geneva. It was the most solemn, memorable, and beautiful ceremony, due in part to the inspiring music that Genny and Vicky wholeheartedly played. They truly play with passion, and each piece resonated with us. They also had lots of helpful musical suggestions that added a lot of colour to our ceremony. Thank you, Genny and Vicky, for helping make our wedding day one that we will always treasure. Yukina and Homer (July 2019)

First of all, I say thank you again because you managed to create a very pleasant atmosphere and a fine conviviality. We have very much appreciated the type of music you played and the sound quality was very good, not too loud so that people could still interact. We received many positive comments about this specific point. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we will contact you again if another celebration opportunity occurs.
Paroisse du Lignon, GE (April 2019)

As ‘Vaudois’, we like to keep it short and we don’t like to elaborate, it’s either good or bad. You were very good. Thank you again for your performance.
Bertrand, 18th anniversary (March 2019)

Hello Genny, Hello Vicky
Both our Residents and the members of the entertainment service enjoyed your performance in our institution on New Year’s Eve. Some Residents appreciated the diversity of songs as well as hearing again their youth's songs!! Other Residents loved your voices, which despite the rock and roll melodies, always remained soft. I personally appreciated the festive and cheerful side of your performance, which has given us the opportunity to make our Residents dance!! Thank you again for your performance and best wishes for the New Year.
Catherine, Entertainment Service, Résidence Pierre de la fée (December 2018)

Dear Vicky and Jenny,
Thank you both soo much for last night. Everyone had a wonderful time – particularly the Birthday boy (s) There were lots of ‘best ever’ – ‘why don’t we have them more often’ – ‘fabulous evening’ comments. I have never seen so many people joining in the songs and dancing. Everyone got into the 60’s mood!
Ted, Musical Drop-In (January 2016)

Dear Genny and Vicky,
My goodness - you were fab, fab, FAB! I've lost count of the number of our friends who were just so complimentary on your music, singing, repertoire, timing - just everything you did. You 'felt' the evening. What a scintillating success. It was impossible not to dance to your music. Perfection.
Di and Kurt, 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration (October 2015)

Genny and Vicky of Swing 'n Soul, contributed greatly to our recent Family Day. Their wide range of music from swing to rock and roll, country ballads and waltzes, in different languages, was hugely appreciated by our multicurtural audience, as was their kindness and clear wish to respond to the needs of everyone. Young and old were singing along to their favourites and some brave souls were sufficiently enthused by the music to get up and dance! We thank them very much.
Anne-Marie and Daphne, Family Day, Maison de Tara (August 2015)

On the 28th March 2015, the Maison de Pressy had the pleasure to welcome Swing ‘n Soul to play at a Brunch organised for its residents and family members. Their repertoire includes a wide variety of well-known songs from yesterday and more recent compilations, which they interpreted with a gentle, flowing and easy manner that made it pleasant listening. We could feel their love for music and the warmth that flowed from it. Swing ‘n Soul is a group that you can simply sit back and listen to and also dance with; they took us through a graceful musical voyage. We recommend the duo to any people or interested organisations. Think of Swing ‘n Soul for your musical afternoons, for your brunch or for other festivities!!!
Service d’Animation, Résidence Maison de Pressy (Mars 2015)

Vicky and Genny are such a pleasure to hear and such lovely and talented people. Their range of songs, virtuosity and sheer love for what they do makes any evening go with Swing n Soul ! A real treat and breath of fresh air! Their repertoire has something for everyone and so – whatever the occasion they have the music to match it! They get people on their feet and singing along in no time. Book them NOW!
Ted, Musical Drop-In (October 2014)

Genny and Vicky were fantastic they were so well organised and really added atmosphere to our wedding party, getting everyone dancing. They adapted the music really well to the guests present to keep them on the floor. Everyone at the wedding is still talking about them and how wonderful they were. I would highly recommend them at any wedding party! It wouldnt have been the same without them they really created a fun atmosphere which was exactly what we wanted! Thank you!
Wedding Jennifer and Maurice (June 2013)

We have been lucky to have Vicky and Genny for our wedding. Within a very short time they managed to prepare a great show. Our guests really appreciate it. If you want something original and friendly, do not hesitate!
Wedding Laurene and Jean-Pierre (January 2013)

It was truly refreshing and upbeat! It was an unforgettable evening, full of memories, joy and fun! The residents frequently refer to that evening and ask us when you will come back… What an animated evening! Thank you again for sharing this special moment with us.
EMS Poterie, Christmas Party (December 2010)

Despite the freezing cold winter, Swing'n Soul’s music warmed up the atmosphere and got everybody on the dance floor.
Auto Camping et Caravaning Club de Suisse (ACCCS), Annual Event (November 2010)

We had Swing'n Soul performing during our annual employee event at Coppet Castle and all participants and their families enjoyed it. The band and their music perfectly matched this exceptional place and the ambiance we wanted to set in our "Casino-Style" Games room. People were delighted with the music. Genny and Vicky really participated in surpassing everyone's expectations with reaching this unique atmosphere there was that night. It is definitely an unforgettable night. Thank you Genny and Vicky.
DuPont family event, Château de Coppet (September 2010)

Swing 'n Soul brought a lot of charm to our lakeside event. Their music was wonderful, perfect for a warm summer's evening sipping glasses of chilled wine and celebrating our graduation. Vicky and Genny are great singers and musicians; they had many of us singing along too. I'd recommend them any day if you want to add a certain ambience to your evening, and give guests something to dance to!
Shobha, Students’ Graduation Party (June 2009)

Having Swing 'n Soul play at our graduation party was the cherry topping the cream. Their repertoire was large and diverse, giving our party a dynamic background and transforming it into a high quality event. They are easy to work with, very helpful and open to any suggestion. You won't regret having them play at your event.
Tomer, Students’ Graduation Party (June 2009)

Hello Vicky and Genny,
What a lovely welcome back to Geneva I had, to hear you in action singing so happily in multi-lingual tones! The variation of styles was very creative. Lots of favourites peppered throughout. So many were saying … I know that tune… It was just lovely and I hope there are many more occasions to hear you. Shall grab some more flyers from you to hand to friends. A wonderful evening. Thankyou!
Lilian, musical evening in a restaurant (April 2009)

Dear Genny and Vicky,
It was a pleasure for us, as it always is, to listen to your music. We had a lovely evening and hope there will be more like it in the future. Best of luck with your project.
Gerard and Victoria, musical evening in a restaurant (April 2009)

Dear Swing 'n Soul ,
Many thanks for a great evening at the restaurant, I just loved it, incredible ambiance you kicked up in there…! It was all there, the swing and the soul. I had never seen the restaurant so packed and animated! To anyone out there who’s looking for good entertainment and enjoys singing along and dancing to our favourite songs of the past (and not-so-distant past), wait no more and call up Vicky and Genny – this charming duet will make sure you have a great party!
Carolyn, musical evening in a restaurant (April 2009)

Dear Genny and Vicky,
Thank you very much for your greetings. It has been a wonderful and successful evening. You have contributed to this success and without doubt, your music has been very much appreciated and was in line with the average age of the audience. The repertoire met our expectations as we have agreed previously. We want to point out particularly your flexibility to adapt yourselves and your music to the moment. Thank you again and we will not miss the opportunity to use your services in the future.
Charlotte and Jean-Louis, 40th wedding anniversary (Oct 2008)

Dear Genny and Vicky,
Your performance at our wedding party on 08.08.2008 made our special day unforgettable:
You set the ambiance
You performed all the audience's favorite songs
You made 70 guests get up and dance
You rocked the house until 3.00am !!!
We cannot thank both of you enough for this incredible performance, even still today our wedding guests talk about Genny and Vicky's singing.
Wishing you lot's of success,
Heike and Andreas, wedding party (Aug 2008)

Dear Genny and Vicky,
Everything about the evening surpassed expectations. I had a great time and many thanks for your lovely contribution. I wish I could have had the evening on tape as it all went too fast. You were just great. Many thanks for your beautiful playing and voices.
Carol, Birthday party (Sept 2007)

Dearest Genny and Vicky,
There are not enough words I can use to express my gratitude for the beautiful and wonderful music provided during the celebration. Everybody liked your repertoire. The songs and the pleasure that came with them will linger in my memory for long years to come.
Chit, 60th birthday party (April 2006)

Dear Vicky and Genny,
I just wanted to thank you for the terrific entertainment that you provided for the Family Feast BBQ on Friday evening! You guys are great and have such a fun and wide scope of music to entertain! You really were much appreciated by all and I hope the evening was as fun for you as it was for all of us! Thank you for making it special with your music!
Julie, Centre Jean XXIII (May 2006)

The residents are always enchanted to see you and to listen to your music, your kindness and your cheerfulness are very appreciated. All your songs bring joy and provide us with pleasant moments. Thank you.
Résidence de Saconnay

Each of your performances has been a moment of pure pleasure for our residents as you have made yourselves fully available to meet their expectations. Thank you.
EMS Villereuse

It’s been years now that the hospitalized patients of Beau-Séjour have pleasure sharing the wonderful musical moments of la Fête de la Musique with Swing 'n Soul on Sunday.
Indeed, Vicky and Genny know exactly which music, songs and melodies to offer to our residents to allow them to sing along with them.
It’s always with great pleasure that we welcome them in our premises as they always know how to be warm and friendly with our residents which is not always an easy task. We are very lucky to be able to have them perform for us during the traditional Fête de la Musique and we look forward having them year after year on our program. Thus, our patients, although hospitalized, do not miss this celebration. Thank you Vicky and Genny for your kindness.
Jean-Pierre resp. Atelier d'Animation HUG – Hôpital Beau-Séjour

We have sincerely appreciated your smiles and warm presence during your performances even when it was time for you to leave. Thank you for the original choice of songs and the energy you deploy to always offer a new repertoire from one year to another. Thank you also for always being attentive to our residents’ wishes and expectations.
Fondation du Midi, Nyon